Is ProBonify for free?

Yes! For both nonprofits and pro bono workers.

Can unregistered nonprofits participate?

Unfortunately not for now. We need an official document that is showing that you work for a nonprofit.

Who can volunteer?

We welcome everyone who wants to volunteer in one of the following areas:

  • developers
  • designers
  • marketing experts
  • creatives
  • project managers
Although you work for free we expect dedication to the project and deadlines.

Does ProBonify offer a project management tool?

For now, we’re just connecting volunteers and nonprofits. If you want to manage projects effectively you can use free tools and team communication software such as slack. We can recommend the following project management software for nonprofits: basecamp.com. They also offer discounts for 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations: basecamp.com/discounts.

Who coordinates a project?

Larger nonprofits normally have some kind of project managers already employed. If not they can also request a project manager for their project on ProBonify.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

Especially large companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook value your commitment for nonprofits a lot. This is what makes you stand out of the crowd! Despite adding additional experience to your CV you also get to know a lot of people and built networks. Along that way we hope that you find it personally fulfilling to help others on a noble cause and make the world a better place - piece by piece.

Who is behind this project?

Currently it’s a one-man-show by Sascha Marquardt a Cologne (Germany) born and raised guy who works for GoDaddy (Factsheet). Now I'm a freelance in the fields of Microsoft Dynamics NAV development and Ruby on Rails development.

Why do you do what you do #WDYDWYD

I strongly believe that a profession comes with responsibility. I am teaching myself to code in Ruby on Rails since August 2015 and I always wanted to take my experience to a next level and came up with the idea of creating a site like Kickstarter (which is by the way made with Ruby on Rails) but with the focus of connecting nonprofits that need help with a specific project and volunteers that are willing to help within that project for free. Win-Win!

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